Oikos May Event

Oikos Evening will be held on Saturday, May 5  from 4:30-7pm in McCready Hall.
The theme of the May Oikos event is “Raising up Happy and Holy Kids” presented by Mike Phelan, Director of Marriage and Respect Life at Diocese of Phoenix.  The event includes dinner, presentation, couple communication and Eucharistic adoration.
Oikos is Greek for “house” or “household.” OLMC’s Oikos program is a series of monthly events designed to strengthen marriages and support families. It’s offered by the Marriage and Family Life ministry of OLMC Parish but the events are open to couples from any parish.
This event is free and childcare is available. See the attached flyer for more info. If you’d like to RSVP or learn more about the Oikos program, please contact sabina@olmctempe.com.