Student Council Class Reps

OLMC Student Council Class Representatives & Alternates 2012-2013

Congratulations to the new Student Council Class Representatives for the 2012-2013 school year! Thank you all for attending our first meeting. Class Rep meetings are the first Tuesday of every month from 3-3:30 in room 7A. The new Class Representatives are:

4A – Carlos Quintero alternate – Connor Roland
4B – Luis Diaz alternate – Zaira Reyes
5A – Maria Brittain alternate – Cheyenne Ortega
5B – Katie Morales alternate – Frank White
6A – Ryan O’Connor alternate – Vincent Aguayo
7A – Natalie Broglia alternate – Patrick Gorman
7B – Kelly Spinner alternate – Michael Venable
8A – Wiktoria Latocha alternate – Trevor Isbell
8B – Shanae Oishi alternate – Savanah Ortega

Student Council