Parents Web Tip

OLMC Would Like to Communicate with You!

There are still a handful of parents who have not logged into ParentsWeb and updated their contact information, emergency contact and transportation (who can pick up your child during school hours.)  Periodically, everyone needs to check and be sure the information is correct.  Phone numbers in particular sometimes are changed.  Here are the steps to follow:

·         Login to ParentsWeb

·         Click on “Family Information”

·         Under the “Online Filing Cabinet,” click on “Family Demographic Form”

·         Click on “Custodial Parent Form”

·         Add or change any information

·         Scroll to the bottom and click “save”

·         Scroll back to the top and click “Return to Main Form”

·         Continue the same process with “Emergency Contacts” and “Transportation” (please include parents on both of these forms)

·         Remember to click “Save” after each form