Principal’s Corner

Dr. Sheridan

Dear Parents: We celebrate Catholic Schools Week in the upcoming days.  We celebrate the contributions Catholic Schools make to our religion, communities and country.  You can find the full schedule of events in this week’s Newsletter

This year’s slogan is “Catholic Schools:  Raise the Standards.”  As it is each year, the slogan is a play on words.  On the one hand we exist to challenge our students to reach greater heights in all their endeavors.  We encourage, cajole and use other techniques to accomplish this goal.  On the other hand, the slogan means we should be proud of what we have done and continue to do.  Let us proclaim it from the roof tops!

When we celebrate we do so in a variety of ways.  We pray at the beginning and end of the week as we open with a prayer service and end with a school-wide rosary.  We play when we have field day.  We are inspired at our assembly when Dr. Christopher Kellogg, an oncologist and deacon, will speak to the students.  We hope to inspire with the student accomplishment seen on the Art Walk and Junk Box Wars demonstrations.  Lastly we invite other to join with us at OLMC by having them visit the school on Wednesday night or Friday morning.

I hope you will be able to join us for some of the activities planned for the week.  Let’s celebrate!
Dr. Sheridan