Principal’s Corner

Dear Parents

Memorial Day is next weekend.  For our third graders, it is a more significant weekend.  They will receive their First Holy Communion and Confirmation next Saturday.

The children have been preparing for this day for months.  One advantage of attending OLMC is that we incorporate sacramental preparation into the school day.  Parents who are investigating the possibility of attending OLMC often ask me that question.  It is important to them that their children receive the sacraments and it makes their lives a little simpler if it takes place as a part of the school.  This home and school connection is so essential.

On a totally different level, the 2013 – 2014 preliminary school calendar is attached to this Newsletter.  You will notice that it is not a complete calendar, events are missing.  That detailed calendar will come later.  However, this calendar contains the holidays and the half days which I know are so important as you plan for next year.  All the Catholic elementary schools begin and end on the same day and have the same major holidays.  The Catholic high schools do not have to follow these requirements.  If you have family problems because of these different days off, please address your concerns to the high schools.  They have the ability to conform to the calendar mandated for the elementary schools, but choose not to.

Thank you for allowing me to vent about the calendar situation.  As much as I may understand your concerns, all I can do is listen.