Passport to the World Showcase

passport ttw

There have been some questions regarding the evening schedule for our Passport Showcase.  The event schedule is below:           

Fashion Show – 5:40                           4th Grade – 6:45

Kindergarten – 6:10                             5th Grade – 6:55

3rd Grade – 6:15                                    6th Grade – 7:05

1st Grade – 6:25                                     7th Grade – 7:15

2nd Grade – 6:35                                    8th Grade – 7:25

Please keep in mind we do not expect families to sit and watch the entire Showcase.  The evening is meant for you to come and go as you please.  Watch the fashion show, tour the halls, and come back and watch a few classroom performances.  Whatever order works for you and your family.

If you have a child performing in the Fashion Show or Showcase, please make sure to pick them up at the back of McCready Hall immediately after their performance.  This is required for grades K-5.  There will be two teachers there to release your child to you.

Get there early to “check in” your family and receive your passport and food sample tickets.