Principal’s Corner

Dr. Sheridan

Dear Parents

This column may seem almost like a repeat of last week’s.  Although similar, it has a different perspective.  Rather than looking ahead, I want to look back on Catholic Schools Week.

Monday’s prayer service was wonderful, particularly because Fr. Camilo was able to participate.  We are aware of his medical issues.  So it was special that he decided to spend time with the children.

Field Day was its usual fun time for the adults as well as students who really enjoy all the activity.  It is heartening to see all the volunteers whose efforts make it possible to hold Field Day.  That so many parents are there, says so much about the OLMC community.

Wednesday’s Mass with the bishop was different.  Not only was Bishop Olmsted there, but four other bishops concelebrated the Mass.  That evening’s Passport to the World was outstanding, as all those who were there can attest.  I was so proud of what the children accomplished.

Two priests, Fr. Clements from the Newman Center at ASU and Dr. Joe, the retired pastor of St Andrew’s, spoke to the students on Thursday.  They addressed the student body regarding their priestly vocations.  Who knows?  Maybe they inspired some students to consider a religious vocation.

Friday’s open house had a steady stream of visitors.  A number of parents gave individual tours of the school.  The visitors were impressed with what they saw and heard.

We ended the week with a Schoolwide Rosary.  Three of the students provided the sacred music to accompany the prayers.  When Fr. Joe spoke on Thursday, he told the children about the impact the Rosary had in Irish history.  Perhaps you can give a pop quiz to see if your child remembers this nugget.

Thanks to all of those who did so much during the week.  Because of you, the week was quite a success.

Dr. Sheridan