Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) Scholarship Assistance

Families seeking financial aid must apply online at  The school code is: 700 and password is cea700.  The application will open on Saturday, February 15th.

Upon payment of $24 (using Mastercard or Visa) you will instantly receive a confirmation indicating your application has been received by FAIR.  You will also be sent an email reconfirming receipt along with a reminder where to mail/fax your tax returns.  If your tax returns are not received within 10 days from application submission, a letter requesting your tax returns will be mailed to you.  Upon receipt of your tax documents, the application review process will begin.

Please remember:

  • The application is due by April 15, 2014.
  • The application must be followed up by mailing/faxing a copy of your current (2013) tax returns.
  • Please ensure you read and answer every question in the application.
  • FAIR will communicate with you throughout the process.  You will receive emails each step of the way when:

o   Application is paid and submitted

o   Documentation is received

o   Application is complete

o   If further clarification/documentation is needed

  • Only those with a completed application will be considered for any financial aid based on need.  Incomplete applications will not receive an award.

If you are unable to submit the application online, there is a limited number of paper applications in the school’s front office.

OLMC will receive notification of the reward at the end of June.