How to Afford a Catholic Education Seminar

logoDid You Miss the “How to Afford a Catholic Education” Seminar Last Month?

Good news!  If you missed the seminar on “How to Afford a Catholic Education,” we are holding it again!  Many families who attended felt it was very beneficial and would recommend it to others.

The seminar will cover:

  • Stewardship Program – Learn about this program available to parishioners and how to receive free tuition.
  • Food for Thought Program (FFT) – Learn how to take advantage of the FFT program and offset your tuition.
  • School Tuition Organizations (STO) – Learn how STOs work, the different tax credits, and using recommendations.

Did you know that some families have close to 100% of their tuition paid for by having family and friends redirect their money owed to the state of Arizona for personal income tax to a School Tuition Organization? Now you can too!  Come to the seminar “How to Afford a Catholic Education” and learn how to solicit “recommendations” for your child and other ways to save on tuition.  We will provide you with tools to help you take advantage of the tax credit.

The seminar is Tuesday, February 11th at 6:30pm in the OLMC Library.  To register, with your name and number of adults attending.  No children please.