School Improvements and Purchases

logoThere are a few school improvements and purchases that we would like to bring to your attention.  Many of the improvements/purchases were due to grant and donations.  They are:

Library/Media Center:  We received a grant from the Tempe Diablos to enhance our library/media center.  In the near future, our library/media center will have new technology added to continue to support our technology vision.  A new projector will be installed sometime this month.

Baseball/Softball Fields:  We received a grant from the Arizona Sports & Tourism Authority to make improvements to our baseball and softball fields.  Our fields were in need of infield mix, mound clay, bases, and general maintenance.  We are putting a plan together to ensure the fields are maintained.

CPR Kits: Each year Nurse David conducts CPR training with our 8th grade students.  In the past, we have had to apply for yearly funding and if funding is not available, the program is unable to be taught.  This year we received a donation to purchase a program that can be utilized every year.

Kindergarten: We received a donation that allowed us to purchase new items for our kindergarten classrooms.  An easel, new rugs and kitchen sets were purchased to replace the original items we had since the classrooms opened.  The older items were given to our preschool to use.

Chromebooks: We received a donation to purchase additional chromebooks.  Currently, we have one set of chromebooks that is shared between all 4th and 5thgrade classrooms.  Our goal is to have a set for 4th grade and another set for 5thgrade.  This donation allowed us to purchase a few more.   We are almost to our goal of two sets.

These improvements and purchases will impact not only our current students, but future ones as well, and is a great selling point for our school.