School Improvements and Purchases – Another Round!

There are a few additional school improvements and purchases that we would like to bring to your attention.  Many of the improvements/purchases were due to grants and donations.  They are:

Science Tables:  We received a grant from the Catholic Community Foundation to purchase new two-person lab tables with solid surface tops in support of the Next Generation Science Standards.  These two-person lab tables will increase interaction and discovery by allowing students to work together in a more functional way.  These will be put in place over the summer.

Baseball Equipment: If you were at the Diamondbacks game on Friday, April 25th, you would have seen our own Coach Caradonna on the field accepting a check in the amount of $1,000!  The “Play Ball” grant, courtesy of the Arizona Diamondbacks, will allow us to purchase a new pitching mound, baseball tees, and additional equipment to be used next year.

Classroom & Library Lighting:  Lighting can account for as much as 40% of an electric bill.  Through the SRP Small Business Solutions rebate program, we were able to replace all of our old T12 fluorescents to updated T8s. Although there was a small cost to OLMC, the estimated payback period is 1.41 years with an estimated annual savings of over $3,600!  Plus, we added new lighting in the Kindergarten hallway and two switches in our library.

Nooks:  With funds left over from our “Computer Challenge” campaign we were able to purchase 39 nooks.  These nooks are currently being formatted and tested.  The nooks will be used in centers in the library, Preschool, and grades Kindergarten – 3rd next year.

AC Classroom Units: We had a wonderful response from parish and school families to our “Keep It Cool” campaign and will be able to replace nine additional units this summer!  If you remember, we received a grant from Our Lady of Joy Parish last summer and replaced 6 units at that time.  We only have 5 additional units to go and we hope to have those completed in the next two years.

These improvements and purchases will impact not only our current students, but future ones as well, and are a great selling point for our school.