Principal’s Corner

Dr. SheridanDear Parents,

The school days for 2013-2014 are dwindling down.  However, that does not mean nothing else will be happening.

We will continue to have our morning rosary.  It is nice to see parents there each day.  I encourage any parent who is able, to stop by and pray with us.  Among many things, it sets a wonderful example for your child.  The daily rosary will go on until May 30.

The eighth graders have their graduation to anticipate on May 28.  The ceremony is preceded by a Mass at 7 p.m.  There are a number of activities surrounding graduation, but the most important is the day before when they have a retreat.  Retreat and a Mass are the appropriate ways to prepare to leave OLMC.

The following week we will have the end of the year picnic.  We hope that you will be able to attend.  It is fitting to bring the community together for a meal, as we prepare for our summer break.  Thank the Dad’s Club and Home and School for running this affair.

I hope that you will be able to attend at least one of these functions.  It is uplifting to see the families come together for these events because it helps build community.