From the Falcon’s Nest: Field Trip February

zoo 8

The Phoenix Zoo

February was a month of many field trips! Our first-graders went to the Phoenix Zoo to learn all about animals, the third grade saw Big Friendly Giant, a Roald Dahl book come to life, at Tempe Center for the Arts, and our fifth grade students experienced science, technology, engineering, and math concepts through hands on exhibits and displays at the Arizona Science Center.

science 4

The Arizona Science Center

At the Hackett House, our sixth-graders toured the historic house, Tempe’s first bakery, and the home of the Sister Cities Friendship Rooms.

They were able to learn what Tempe shares with other cities around the world. It was a day of early Tempe history and exposure to the diverse cultures of Tempe’s nine sister cities.

To read about how the program was structured to incorporate 6th grade social studies and common core standards, visit their website.



Tempe Center for the Arts

Even our junior high got in on the fun by attending ASU’s Engineering Day. The seventh and eighth grade students engaged in hands-on engineering design activities and explored various types of engineering and technology at the expo hosted by engineering students and faculty. Having the students interact with high-demand degree program representatives inspires and encourages them to pursue higher education toward a future driven by innovation and educational technology.



ASU’s Engineering Day

We’d like to thank all those that participate in our school and parish Food for Thought Program. It’s your involvement that makes these learning opportunities possible.