Kids’ Raffle Top Selling Classes and Student Totals

raffleCongratulations to the following classes who sold the most Kids’ Raffle tickets. They’ve each earned a movie and popcorn party. In addition to the movie and popcorn, our top two selling classes (the Preschool and Mrs. Rogucki’s 5B class) have earned a pizza party.  Way to go Falcons!

Preschool: $2,186
5B: $1,541
KA: $1,413
6A: $1,248
3B: $1,178
1B: $1,123
KB: $1,038

A huge thank you to our top selling students!

Ayjae Larson (preschool): $1,072
Alejandra Barraza Salazar (6A): $532
Marco Cornejo (6B): $418
Madison Dennee (3B) $354
Brandon Moiza (KA) $332
Kyra Wanlass (Preschool) $300
Aedan Buchert (KB) $260
Van Armitage (KB) $250
Andrew Pabst (1B) $250
Madeline Pabst (5B) $250