Try ShopwithScrip and Never Get Caught Without FFT

shop with scripWe asked some of our school families about what has earned them FFT success. One way they are reaching their minimums faster is via ShopwithScrip, OLMC’s online FFT gift card ordering system. Not only are they earning their profit minimums faster, but they also earn a higher balance toward tuition rebates. View the video to learn more.

Here’s what some of our families have to say about ShopwithScrip:

“By far the MyScripWallet app has been the conduit of our quick success. We use it for everything! Whenever we go out for a meal or shopping, we always check the app first. Once you download it, you can monitor it weekly for specials or bonus days on certain items. They run a ton of bonus days around Black Friday. I highly recommend it.” -The Lopez Family

“Through Shopwithscrip I learned I could conveniently purchase FFT from my phone or computer. I have been able to purchase a ‘gift card’ online and pay right from my phone or print it out ahead of time. I have also taken a screenshot of the barcode to use for purchase and sent it to someone for their use. I have not encountered any problems using the site and it’s so simple. I use it to refill my Starbucks app and re-loadable grocery store cards, and I have registered for many restaurants and retailers. There are so many options of stores and restaurants and more are being added! Between purchasing FFT in the office and using Shopwithscrip, I earned my minimum very quickly and a substantial profit. I would encourage everyone to use Shopwithscrip.” -The Armitage Family

“I use the ShopwithScrip app on my phone. It makes getting cards on the go fast and simple!” -The Elder Family

Want to learn more about Shopwithscrip? Visit our ShopwithScrip page.