Introducing the 2016-17 Home & School Board

home and schoolResearch shows that when parents get involved in their children’s education, student achievement and overall school success abound. While most parent groups are best known for fundraising, OLMC’s Home & School Association does so much more for our ever-evolving community.

By connecting parents and volunteers with our faculty and staff, our Home & School Board works as a bonding force, focusing on meeting the needs of our families and building the kind of school community in which students and teachers can thrive and families can flourish.

This sense of connection allows us to accomplish much more as a school and faith-filled community, and we couldn’t do it without the tireless efforts of our board members.

President: Nikki Heim
Vice President: Dana Terrazas
Volunteer Coordinator: Ashley Hall
Correspondence Secretary: Allison Wilson
Newsletter Editor: Diana Heilman
Hospitality Team: Adriana Beaumont & Erin Kirchhardt
Treasurers: LeeAnne Cardenas & Kristina Engelbert

If there is any way our board can be of service, please contact us at Thank you for your continued support of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel community.

Ever wonder what Home & School does? Check out our Home & School page on the website.