Have you Tried the FFT App?

shop with scripHave you ever been shopping only to realize you’ve forgotten to stock up on FFT scrip and the next FFT sale is days away? You don’t have to lose credit on purchases. There’s an app for that (well, technically a mobile website)!

ShopwithScrip, an online website that helps you manage your FFT purchases, offers MyScripWallet, a mobile website that you can access on any smartphone or mobile device. By adding MyScripWallet to your home screen you can use it like an app to make in-store FFT purchases in minutes. Useful for school breaks, summer, or anytime, MyScripWallet gives you the freedom to purchase FFT on your own schedule. Many of our top earning families and those who’ve reached their minimums the fastest use MyScripWallet because of its convenience and ease of use.

Just listen to how the Kirchhart Family uses it:

“I’m a busy working mom of three kids at OLMC. I have not been great at using scrip, as I typically only think about it while I’m out shopping. I have found that ShopwithScrip is the BEST solution for moms like me. I just love it!! I have used scrip all summer long. It’s incredibly convenient! When I’m at the store and realize that the store is a ShopwithScrip vendor, I just order the scrip on my phone at point of sale! I am getting my normal shopping done with scrip and it’s fantastic! I can still use traditional FFT when I need actual gift cards, but for my day-to-day shopping, shopwithscrip is my new best friend!” -Erin Kirchhart

Visit the ShopwithScrip website to learn more or view a video on how it works. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out the MyScripWallet FAQs.

Contact Cindy Younger, our FFT coordinator, at 480-967-5567, ext. 2, to find out how to sign up!