Tips from the FFT Pros

#Food for ThoughtOLMC’s Food for Thought Program is more than the average nickel and dime fundraiser. FFT funds significantly impact school tuition costs, fund vital programs, and enrich OLMC by enhancing technology, assisting with educational costs, and providing for many other supply expenses.

Because our community relies on FFT so much, we’ve asked our seasoned families and experienced FFT participants how they’ve incorporated Food for Thought into their lifestyle.

“I always look at the bonus/overstock items online or posted in the office. Abuelos is a fabulous deal at 40%. Also, whenever we’re going out to a meal, I double check the MyScripWallet mobile website. You can buy FFT right in the restaurant and pay from your smartphone.”-The Lopez Family

“My best piece of advice is to plan ahead. Know where you’re going to be spending your money, and buy gift cards ahead of time for the places you know you frequent. Think about birthday dinners, upcoming gift-giving occasions, upcoming necessities, like that new dishwasher you’re shopping for or a new booster seat when your preschooler outgrows his/her car seat, etc.”-The Demian Family

“Food for Thought helped us organize our family budget! And it was a snowball effect that started when we became motivated to reach our minimum and start earning our tuition rebate. I mean…FREE MONEY…no-brainer! We decided that all outside spending could be paid wholly or in part by FFT cards. This meant that we would have to plan trips out to eat instead of just going out, we determined a weekly grocery budget and we planned our entertainment. Clothing, home improvement, gas, on and on…the ‘side effect’ was more intentional spending and more savings!”
-The Chavez Family

Using FFT scrip as much as possible not only earns you money back toward tuition and fees, it contributes to the overall success of the school, and in the end there’s no greater benefit OLMC can reap than thriving, successful students living out their full potential.