Introducing the OLMC Giving Tree Program

Giving TreeThe faculty, staff, and administration at OLMC School are here to provide your child with the very best education possible, and we’re proud to partner with our school parents to meet our shared objectives.

During the month of September, OLMC offers the opportunity to support your child’s classroom, enrichment classrooms (art, library, physical education, technology, and Spanish), or the Falcon Fund through participation in the Giving Tree Program.

Starting September 6th, OLMC will place a Giving Tree in the school office. To participate, families may choose an apple from the tree to purchase specific items classrooms need. A tangible wish list is on our blog. If you would prefer to make a donation to the Falcon Fund, there are special leaves on the tree designated for this type of contribution. A green leaf is $25.00, an orange leaf is $50.00, and a yellow leaf is $100.00.

How to Contribute

To participate, please visit the school office and pick an apple or leaf from the tree. Once you choose from the tree, please complete the Giving Tree contribution form and return it to the school office. You may also make a donation online at our website. On our Donation Page, you can choose where your donation will go via drop down menu. You can also select your desired teacher for the class wish list or make a general donation to the Falcon Fund.

On behalf of our school community, thank you for your consideration and support. Your gift will have a direct and immediate impact. As always, donations are fully tax-deductible, and as a result of your generosity, OLMC will recognize your contribution to our school. If you have any questions regarding the Giving Tree Program, please contact our development director, Kelly Kubicki, at