More Tips from the FFT Pros

#Food for ThoughtKnowing how to best use the Food for Thought Program can have a tremendous effect on our school and individual family tuition costs. Listen to what our seasoned pros have to say:

“I have an organized card holder where I can clearly see what I do and don’t have. When I’m trying to meet the minimum, I stock up on cards that give a higher percentage, like Abuelo’s, Someburros, and Barro’s. Also, I keep my eye out for bonus scrip, and I try to get my family in on it. I have at least one set of grandparents that regularly buy their grocery and pharmacy cards from us.”
-The Demian Family

FFT also helps our families budget. Take a look at how it’s helped the Chavez Family:

“My tips for successful FFT usage? Plan out your spending on a weekly basis. Taking on too much at a time sets you up for failure. I order my grocery cards online by noon on Friday and pick them up after Mass on Sunday. We now eat out twice a week–one lunch after Mass and one dinner out during the week. I call this part of the budget ‘Mom’s sanity fund.’ We have the kids help choose one of the restaurants. It helps for when they ask for fast food or eating out. I can say, ‘Oops, sorry. We only have cards to X and Y this week.’ ”
-The Chavez Family

Families can also use prepaid Visas to pay other bills:

Last weekend I used FFT no fee Visa to pay for Falcon Catering. All I had to do was register my card after I activated it online. You just add your address when prompted and you’re ready to go!”
-The Armitage Family

“I use my prepaid Visas to pay my cell phone and other bills that accept credit cards. I also used it to make my OLMC spirit store purchases. They’re great to have on hand to make every cent count.”
-The Heilman Family