High-Flying Falcons: Halle Johnson

halleFollow your dreams!

That is what Halle Johnson, 2012 OLMC graduate, is doing. Currently playing as a defensive specialist on the Division I ASU Women’s Volleyball Team, Halle started playing volleyball right here at OLMC in the fifth grade.

After graduation she moved on to Seton Catholic Prep and played for four years on the varsity team as libero, defensive specialist, and setter. She has also played for various volleyball club teams. Her long term dreams are to play volleyball in the U.S. Olympics. At only 5 foot 2 inches tall, she relies on her quickness and agility to play competitively at her current level. Her passion for the game will surely earn her future success.

On behalf of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, we’d like to congratulate Halle and wish her the best on her very exciting journey. If you attend any ASU women’s volleyball games, look for number 15. Among all those Sun Devils flies a Falcon!

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