October TRIP Report

Congratulations to the following families who have made their FFT minimum and will now begin accumulating their tuition rebate:

oct-tripDuane & Julie Angulo
Mrs. Cornforth
James & Deborah Gorombei
Brian & Megan Reckers
Ian & Anna Cameron
Travis & Perl Dennee
Andrew & Eva Hoffman
James & Maureen Roland
Braden & Jacque Chapman
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Lee

There are many ways to participate in the FFT program. Enlist your family, friends, and neighbors to participate. View our Tips from the FFT Pros blog post for ideas.

Order online and have your child bring it home or enroll in ShopwithScrip to use FFT scrip right from your smart phone. E-mail Cindy Younger to sign up.

Questions? Call 480-967-5567, ext. 2 to speak with our FFT representatives.