FFT Tips from the Pros

#Food for ThoughtMaking the most of your FFT use not only pads your tuition rebate, it also makes it possible for students to participate in new learning experiences that would not have been possible without FFT funds.

We make it a practice to share the tips and tricks our families are using to take full advantage of this fundraising program, that is of no additional cost to our families. Here’s the Wiertek Family’s top five tips:

1. Use gift card malls to bump up your percentage. If you’re an Amazon shopper (3%), you can buy Walgreens cards (6%) at school and use them to buy Amazon gift cards at Walgreens.

2. Use Visa cards everywhere and for the remaining balance, if one of your other gift cards runs out.

3. Plan ahead. Always have an extra $50.00-$100.00 for grocery stores (especially Sprouts or Costco where you tend to spend more).

4. Use Visa gift cards at Fry’s and Costco.

5. Use FFT for big purchases. Home Improvement. Birthday Parties. Gifts.

Do you have a FFT tip that works for your family? Let us know at news@olmctempe.com.