How FFT Helps Our School: Medical Supplies

vision-4There is nothing more important at OLMC than the health and safety of our students. Each year, the OLMC FFT program funds our health office with supplies, teaching aides, and durable equipment to ensure that each student is treated in the event of an injury or illness.

Midyear Supplies

There are about 2,000 student visits to the nurse’s office each year. Taking care of those bumps and bruises adequately requires supplies. Each summer, OLMC orders supplies for the first half of the year. FFT funds cover the second half of the school year.

Durable Equipment

Because of the generous support of those who participate in our FFT program, each year Nurse David can purchase new and updated equipment when replacements are needed. Blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, CPR supplies for our faculty and 8th grade students, hearing/vision screening equipment and maintenance are all examples of the tools your FFT participation provides.

Teaching Aides

Nurse David also purchases teaching aides for instructing students in health-related manners. Last year, she purchased the “Glitter Bug Hand Show,” a fun and engaging program that allows young students to “see” their germs using glow lotion and a black light. This is a fun and effective way to teach proper hand-washing to our younger grades and promote the overall health of our entire school community.

A Service to Our Community

The best part about the FFT program is that it costs nothing to participate. Whatever you normally would spend on groceries, gas, restaurants, travel, and other purchases, you can funnel through our FFT program. In doing so you provide so many vital resources to our students. On behalf of OLMC, thank you for your participation in the FFT program.