Fall Book Fair & Literacy Awareness Month


Literacy in youth allows children to access the depth and breadth of today’s information age. We, at OLMC, recognize literacy’s role as a fundamental building block upon which all other subjects are established, which is why we integrate the Accelerated Reader Program into our educational technology curriculum.

After reading an Accelerated Reader book at his or her reading level, individual students may take a short quiz on it for AR points. Each grade level is given a point goal that they must meet each grading quarter. Parents can assist their children in their AR goals by helping them find eligible books on the AR BookFinder website and monitoring their progress using the Renaissance Home Connect feature. Please see your child’s teacher for login information.

Our students are finding great success with the AR Program. For the first quarter alone, OLMC students read 1,837 books for a total of 33,660,169 words! We’re proud to see such a fervent enthusiasm for reading on our campus and take part in fostering the life-long love of reading, taking root in so many of our students.

In the spirit of National Literacy Awareness Month, OLMC, in association with Phoenix Book Company, is planning a fall book fair November 7-11th in the library. Stay tuned for more information. Thank you for doing your part to encourage your child in his/her literacy endeavors. Together, we can inspire new ways for children to navigate the world around them.

Take a look at the books our students are reading>>