OLMC People of Interest: Mrs. Anne Carmody

carmodyAt OLMC, we know that part of our mission as Catholics is to encourage our students to actively participate in the global church. In keeping with this objective, we have integrated Spanish into our curriculum as a way to provide secondary language and cultural education for our students.

One person who is a driving force in this effort is our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Anne Carmody. As our new fifth through eighth grade Spanish teacher this year, and with six children of her own, Mrs. Carmody keeps pretty busy. Anne works part-time so she can care for her elderly mother and devote time to her family. Passionate about her faith, Mrs. Carmody also teaches a formational fellowship on Sundays for 12th grade young women called Faith Used in Everyday Life (FUEL).

What is your favorite thing about OLMC?

My favorite thing is being able to share my faith on a daily basis. The students are exceptional and it is very evident how much their parents care about their faith and their education.

Any important events on the horizon?

We will be celebrating Dia de los Muertos at the end of the month to celebrate the lives of our faithful family members who have gone before us. Our families should feel free to send in a photo of a loved one to be displayed. I’ll be sending more information as it approaches.

Anything you’d like to say to the families of OLMC?

I love working with children of every age, and I’m energized to watch them grow and learn. You’re all welcome to attend the formational fellowship I teach, Faith Used in Everyday Life. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to serve the OLMC community.

We’d like to thank Mrs. Carmody for her service to OLMC, and invite you to read more about her and our other teachers on our Faculty & Staff page.