Become a Host Family

utp-high-schoolsUniversity Track Preparation High Schools (UTP) has recently partnered with Seton Catholic Prep to help admit and support international students from around the globe coming to Seton, starting in January 2017.

What You Can Do

In support of SCP in their preparation of receiving these students, UTP High Schools is asking OLMC families to help by offering safe, welcoming host families for the visiting students. Host families would have UTP High Schools’ full support throughout their hosting period and would be compensated $750.00 per month for each student that they host. This is a great way to experience another part of the world without the need of travel.

What a Host Family Does

As a member of the UTP homestay network, host parents would need to provide a quiet place for our students to sleep and study, i.e. a bedroom with a bed, dresser, and desk. Additionally they would be responsible for three meals a day, except for lunch on school days.

Besides this, we ask for their support in helping our students learn English by having regular conversations with them and providing transportation to and from school and school functions. Essentially, we ask that they treat the exchange students as they would their own children. UTP team members are available at the school for support for both host parents and the student.

Interested? You can apply to be a host family at the UTP website.

Questions? Contact Mike Short at or 480-963-1900, ext. 2359. Thank you for your consideration and hospitality.