OLMC People of Interest: Cindy Younger

cindyOur sense of community is what sets OLMC apart from other faith communities. One of the most important ways we enhance our symbiotic relationships here at OLMC is via the programs our school manages to keep us thriving, such as our Food for Thought program. At OLMC, we’re blessed to have long-tenured Food for Thought Coordinator Cindy Younger at the helm of this vital component of our school community.

Having had three children graduate from OLMC, Cindy is a testament to the impact involved parents can make here on campus. For over 20 years, Cindy has been helping raise funds for OLMC by building the FFT program. From ShopwithScrip, TRIP, and Bonus/Overstock, to Fry’s Community Rewards, Ultratainment, and our toner/ink cartridge recycle program, Cindy has seen it all.

She’s always looking for new ways to expand and perfect our program. This year she added See’s lollypops to our regular See’s Candy rotations, which offer higher profit percentages. It’s because of her dedication that our program is as strong as it is today.

What is your goal as FFT coordinator?

“My only goal is to help the school raise funds through a fundraiser that everyone can participate in, without having to rely on door-to-door sales or selling items that no one wants. We try to help families earn a tuition credit while simultaneously benefiting the school and our students.”

How has FFT changed since you’ve been here?

“Twenty plus years ago, our family moved from California where they had this program. At the time OLMC only had grocery stores. While I was serving as Home & School treasurer, I proposed this new scrip program idea. We started off the first year with only ordering what families wanted to order and had a very small list of stores to choose from. The next year, I used the $5,000.00 in profit we made and bought our first in-stock inventory. The TRIP program soon followed, and after a few years, we were able to discontinue our other fundraisers and only have one year-round fundraiser.”

Any advice on how to best use FFT?

“FFT is so simple. I encourage our families to help us get the word out and reach out to new families to help them understand the program.

  1. Don’t stop at your $175.00 minimum. Buy year-round. Everything you do benefits our school, and everything after that minimum has a direct benefit to your family.
  2. The easiest way to boost your profit is to check out our bonuses. They are always in the newsletter and posted in the office.
  3. We also have ShopwithScrip, our online program where you can order scrip from hundreds of stores from your smartphone while you shop. No need to wait till the next FFT sale day. You don’t have to worry about running out. Plus, they offer additional vendors, which means an extended inventory to choose from.”

On behalf of the OLMC community we’d like to thank Cindy for her continued dedication to our school and the FFT program. Want to know more about our FFT program? You can contact Cindy or any of our knowledgeable FFT volunteers at 480-967-5567, ext. 2 or visit our website!