Tips from the FFT Pros: Holiday Edition

#Food for ThoughtHaving trouble meeting your FFT minimum this year? The holidays are the perfect time to catch up. Just listen to how our pros use FFT to make the season bright:


I think of Christmas year round. My advice is to know where you always shop and start buying an extra card or two every month throughout the year. Come Christmastime, rather than being hit with a much larger than usual credit card bill, you can spend the scrip you’ve been accumulating throughout the year.
The Demian Family

I made my Christmas list of gift cards and places I will shop for the holidays, and I purchased them during registration and credit card week, when we were able to use our credit cards. I also asked my family to do the same thing, so I was able to buy for them, too.” –The Sullivan Family

We’re remodeling our house, so I used FFT to purchase new cabinets.
The Angulo Family

I have the ShopwithScrip app on my phone and I met my minimum in the first three months of the school year. Now everything I buy via scrip goes straight to my tuition.“-The Kirchhardt Family

For me the easy option is the ShopwithScrip app. It make it so easy to rack up the points. I literally pick my activities using what is available with ScripNow or reloadables. If I decide I want to go to Texas Roadhouse tonight, I don’t have to plan and estimate a total. I simply go to the restaurant, and at check out, I go to my app and purchase the amount I need for immediate use. You just can’t get easier than that.” –The Marshall Family

I think my most favorite tool is the ShopwithScrip program. It’s such an easy way to always have scrip at my fingertips, even if I forget to order it from school. Plus it includes many national retailers so, as we approach the holiday season, I’ll be able to purchase gift cards for our family in Buffalo, as well. I’ve already used it to e-mail a graduation gift card directly to our cousin. I highly recommend registering. Once you do that, subscribe to their e-mails, as well. They also offer special percentage increases periodically.” –The Ende Family

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