How FFT Helps Our School: Events

OLMC hosts a number of events that celebrate and showcase the amazing things our students are learning on a daily basis. These learning opportunities give our educators the chance to break from the everyday and connect with the community in creative and inspiring ways.

Food for Thought funds make these events possible. Through your participation, OLMC provides the supplies and services needed to give our students special events like our upcoming Catholic Schools Week, Field Day, and our recent Christmas Program. This past November, we marked our annual STEM Day, which celebrates concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, thanks in part to FFT funds.

But our events don’t just benefit our students, we also make opportunities to reach out to our community through coffrees, staff appreciation events, new parent nights, and admission evenings. These type of events allow our school community to establish and maintain lasting bonds with one another, and they seek to inform and educate new, existing, and prospective school families. It’s our hope to promote a welcoming environment, supportive in our Catholic mission to tend to the needs of our community.

Even better, these events were made possible at no additional cost to you. FFT profits benefit events like these and so much more. Why stop at your minimum? There’s so much good you can do through your participation.

Thanks for your cooperation in giving the school the tools we need to do what we do. Want to see our upcoming events? Check out our website or our school’s Facebook page.