A Walk Through History Open House – Feb. 1st

a-walk-through-historyJoin us for an open house during Catholic Schools Week entitled:

A Walk Through History
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The school will be transformed for the evening into an actual history museum, showcasing student projects and artwork. We encourage you to stroll our galleries and peruse the material  your children studied in social studies during the first semester. Teachers may send information home detailing what their classes will present.

Kindergarten Gallery – Community Helpers

Students will dress as their favorite community helpers, and will serve as your guides of KinderTown.

1st Grade Gallery – American Presidents

Learn about our nation’s presidents by reading biographies and viewing the students’ presidential artwork.

2nd Grade Gallery – U.S. Symbols, Landmarks, and National Patriotic Holidays

American symbols on parade! This fun patriotic gallery explores the origin, nature, and significance of many of the primary symbols of the United States.

3rd Grade Gallery – Historical Biographies

View life-sized figures of famous historical people and become an expert about their past and present, by exploring interesting and important facts.

4th Grade Gallery – History & Geography of Arizona

Learn important information about Arizona while tour guides and fellow tourists provide visitors with a guided tour through the Grand Canyon and the Southwest.

5th Grade Gallery – Colonial America

Come visit American colonists as they present available goods in their colonial marketplace.

6th Grade Gallery – The Land of Egypt

Explore the “Gifts of the Nile” while learning about Egyptian culture. Visit the papyrus and hieroglyphic cartouche station.

7th & 8th Grade Gallery – Windows into American History

View American history through the windows of time, to discover important events and people that influenced our great nation.

8th Grade Gallery – The History of the Church in Stained Glass

The students will depict the history of the church, from the Renaissance to the Crusades, in stained glass windows.

8th Grade Gallery – Church Inspired Art & Architecture

View drawings of art and architecture the Catholic Church inspired.

All are welcome! We hope to see you there!

Want to see how the students are preparing for A Walk Through History?  See our This Week on Campus post or visit our Facebook page!