This Week on Campus

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Our falcons had one full week! This week, OLMC was featured in the Catholic Sun. Ambria Hammel, who pens the article, states that this year’s Catholic Schools Week will center around the many ways Catholic schools nationwide “showcase the gifts a Catholic education provides and honor the communal hands that help campuses thrive.” The article highlighted OLMC’s new JPII Young Philosophers Club as one of the many ways Catholic schools around the valley are enriching the lives of our students.

On campus, our 2nd graders had fun in math class by playing subtraction bingo. Winners of the game had the opportunity to call for the next game. The students had a ball!

Our 3rd grade students learned about an author’s purpose for writing stories. Sometimes authors write stories for informational text, to teach the reader about certain topics. Such was the case in the story the kids studied, Aero and Officer Mike. The book was about an officer, his dog, and what they do during a shift. The teachers asked the students to explain what the author’s purpose was in telling the story. To complement the lesson, Officer Iwan, Mrs. Iwan’s husband, talked about being a police officer and allowed the children to ask questions.

The third graders also learned about peanut allergies with Nurse David. She showed them a movie, taught them how to use an EpiPen, and presented more information about allergies. The kids were asked to plan a peanut-free meal, safe for those with peanut allergies.

Nurse David, in a partnership with the American Lung Association, also conducted an after-school program titled Open Airways for Schools, last week. The program strives to improve asthma self-management skills, decrease asthma emergencies and promote asthma management among students, parents, and school. Open Airways will continue through February 15th. Contact our Nurse David for more details.

Over in the 4th grade, our students are busy constructing the Grand Canyon out of paper mâché for our Walk Through History evening during Catholic Schools Week.

Students in the 5th grade enjoyed an art masterpiece lesson, thanks to our devoted volunteers and FFT program.

Our 6th and 1st grade buddies celebrated the 100th day of school flipping coins, studying probability, and spelling 100 words, while Mrs. Wilson, our reading specialist, conducted mid-year  DIBELS testing for all students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. This assessment provides valuable data to help inform the teachers and drive our literacy instruction in class.

And finally, we capped off our week with OLMC’s annual spelling bee. We’d like to extend our congratulations to Rachel Pabst, our spelling bee champion, who will advance to the next competition. Thanks to all who participated!

Stay tuned next week for more!