Last Call for Yearbook Messages

Show your OLMC student some love by sending a personal message in the 2016-17 yearbook.

  • Up to 30 words per message
  • Attach a scanable picture and include student name and class on the back
  • You may also e-mail a high resolution jpg file to our yearbook coordinator, Dana Terrazas
  • Cost is $20.00 per picture message. $10.00 without a picture.

Please submit payment in cash or check, made out to OLMC, with “Yearbook” in the memo section to the school office by February 1, 2017. The student need not be an 8th grader to publish a message. Labeled photos will be returned to students. Please print message and order information clearly, and include an e-mail address so we can contact you.

For those who have not pre-ordered the 2016-17 OLMC yearbook, you can do so in the school office. Pre-orders are $40.00 per yearbook. Stop by today!