This Week on Campus

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Catholic Schools Week brought about flurry of activity around campus. Our cast of falcons kept themselves busy by learning new things, embarking on new adventures, and helping those in need.

The Faith Formation Committee posted a Saint each day for Catholic Schools Week.

Monday was silly hat day as evidenced by the interesting head gear throughout our halls.

Tuesday brought Field Day. It was a day of fun for students, staff, and volunteers alike. We even got a visit from our favorite sisters. Congratulations to our Field Day victors: the 8th grade! Thanks goes out to Home & School for providing pizza for our students and Field Day volunteers.

On Wednesday, students from each grade attended the Bishop’s Mass with Mr. Hermie and Mrs. Shewbridge at the Ss. Simon & Jude Cathedral. It was nice to see the diocese come together in such a special way for Catholic Schools Week.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our sisters for facilitating our vocations assembly on Thursday, and to St. Vincent de Paul for their assistance with our food boxing project on Friday.

Not to be out done, our preschool also celebrated silly hat day, field day, and Disney character day for Catholic Schools Week.

In the 1st grade, our students presented president biography projects, and our 2nd graders are studying American symbols and what they mean.

Third grade students made a bulletin board dedicated to Martin Luther King a few weeks ago, and our 5th grade had their annual colonial village and fair.

The 6th graders honed their papyrus skills, from their Ancient Egypt unit in social studies, and the students in 7th grade recently engineered seed coverings to help their seeds disperse farther by wind in Science class. They also made posters for their biography projects to present to their classes, while the 8th grade studied family life this week.

Visit our Facebook page to see more about what went on during Catholic School Week, from our Field Day and our Walk Through History evening to our St. Vincent de Paul school-wide food boxing project. Thanks for a wonderful week, falcons!