This Week On Campus

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What a great week on campus!

Our 3rd grade participated in math centers for more individualized instruction.

We’re fortunate to have some great resources in the 4th grade. Take a look at Mrs. Gabreski’s anchor charts. Also, the students worked in writers’ workshops in language arts and traced bones in science.

The preschool and 5th grade buddies celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early with some fun projects.

Meanwhile, in 6th grade math, students learned about volume with “gallon man.” Mrs. McDonough demonstrated kinetic, potential, and gravitational energy in science class by throwing a ball, and raring to go for their upcoming Greek Night social studies presentation, the students worked on speeches they plan to give for the event.

Our 8th graders tested the pH levels of liquids using litmus paper, Bromothymol blue, and Phenolphthalein to determine if they were acids or bases.

Check out our Kid’s club! Whether it’s playing games outside or Legos and blocks inside, our Kid’s Club kids are always up to something fun!

We’re always happy to have our Sisters visit us at lunch recess.

Finally, a long overdue congratulations to our girls softball team who earned 3rd place in the CYAA season this year. First trophy added our display case since 2005! Way to go, falcons!