How FFT Helps Our School: Equipment & Supplies

dibelsOLMC’s Food for Thought program helps our school in big and small ways. By your participation, you help OLMC provide the learning tools necessary to bring Catholic education to the students.

FFT funds allow the school to purchase classroom supplies for the teachers and students and provides a teacher classroom fund for each of our classrooms, too. Here are just some of the tools FFT supports:

  • Music department supplies
  • Educational expenses
  • School communication costs
  • School and preschool improvements
  • Online learning enrichment programs

This year, FFT funds paid for the subscriptions to our supplemental online math practice program, IXL, which helps students practice and refine math skills in a dynamic fashion. Our 6th through 8th grades benefited from the Membean program, which is an interactive vocabulary development program suited to individual student needs. Students progress at their own rate focusing not only on learning words and definitions, but also on using words in context.

In addition, FFT funded our Dibels testing materials. Mrs. Wilson administered the test to grades 1 through 3 to assess reading levels and is also using it to test students who may need additional support. These wonderful programs were brought to our students courtesy of those who participate in the Food for Thought program. Even better, they were made possible at no additional cost to our families. Using everyday spending, you can benefit our students in infinite ways.

On behalf of the students and staff, thank you for your participation in the FFT program.