This Week on Campus

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This week we’re gearing up for our parish festival, and the students are fine examples of what our festival benefits.

The 2nd grade learned about St. Therese of Lisieux in their religion class.

Art Masterpiece brought the work of Clementine Hunter to our 3rd grade students.

In the 4th grade classrooms, our students studied the image of Our Lady of Lourdes for their Art Masterpiece classes and gave black history month presentations in social studies.

The 5th graders enjoyed silent reading as usual.

Our 6th grade students wrote letters to parents about what a day in the life of a Roman soldier is like, and they read “Detectives in Togas.” The students also had the chance to visit the Hackett House, where they toured the historic house, Tempe’s first bakery, and the home of the Sister Cities Friendship Rooms. They were able to learn what Tempe shares in common with other cities around the world. It was a day of early Tempe history and exposure to the diverse cultures of Tempe’s nine sister cities.

And finally, our junior high had a sports-themed dance last Friday. The student very much look forward to the dances, and everyone had a great time.