Contribute to CEA in 3 Easy Steps!

Catholic education plays a critical role in our students’ lives helping to form their faith and preparing them for lives of service to others. Contributing is easy, and costs you ZERO dollars! Here’s how:

  1. Identify your tax liability.*
  2. Make a contribution to Catholic Education Arizona by April 18, 2017 and keep your receipt. Don’t forget to designate OLMC as the recipient!
  3. Use your receipt to document your contribution in the credit portion of your tax return.
  4. CEA uses these contributions to award scholarships!

*Remember, this is not the amount your receive back as a refund. It’s the total amount you owe before credits are applied. Married filers can contribute up to $2,173.00 and individual filers can contribute up to $1,087.00.

For more information, see Mr. Hermie’s letter, the CEA brochure, or the CEA website. Questions? Feel free to contact Rita Villegas in our parish office.

Ready to make your contribution? Visit Check out OLMC’s Learning Standards or the school-wide Spiritual Life page on our website to see the benefits of a Catholic education.