March TRIP Report

Congratulations to the following families who have made their FFT minimum and will now begin accumulating their tuition rebate:

Ryan & Becca Ash
Anthony Burke & Angela Salazar
Craig & Alison Hamati
Jo Anna Hernandez
Stephen & Cindy O’Connor
Mike & Joy O’Donnell
Harold Peralta & Gloria Garay
Matt & Lee Redding
James & Cindra Salisbury
Kevin & Jennifer Tinnin

Did you know that once you meet your FFT minimum, 50% of your profit can apply for fees for next year? Don’t pay off your tuition without checking your rebate. Stop by the office or contact Cindy Younger to find out what your rebate is.

Using FFT is easy. View our Tips from the FFT Pros blog posts for ideas. Order online and have your child bring it home or enroll in ShopwithScrip to use FFT scrip right from your smart phone. E-mail Cindy Younger to sign up.

Questions? Call 480-967-5567, ext. 2 to speak with our FFT representatives.