Tips From the FFT Pros

Have you already reached your FFT minimum? Don’t stop there! Each time you use Food for Thought gift cards, our students receive vital funds for goods and services that directly benefit the school (not to mention, you get to reap the benefit via tuition and fees rebates)!

Here are just a few tips from our seasoned FFT families:

“We eat out a few times a week. We make sure to grab Abuelos and Zipps cards. They have the highest percentages.” -The Kochis Family

“Our strategy includes using the cards with higher percentages (we like Barros and Somburros). We keep plenty of the stuff we use most often on hand.”
-The Molina Family

“I work at a doctor’s office. One of the doctors I work for enlists me to buy him scrip to kennel his dog. When I put the word out to the right people, we can benefit from their purchases, too. Also, I love giving scrip as gifts.” -The Flores Family

“When I started using Shopwithscrip, it accelerated my FFT usage, and I was able to meet my family’s minimum sooner. With MyScripWallet on my phone, I can easily order cards. It’s like having the FFT office right at my fingertips. It’s very handy, especially when I shop for holidays and special occasions. I also use it for last minute grocery or shopping runs and dining out. -The Parian Family

Do you have a FFT tip or trick? Share it with the community at The more we use the program the more resources we have for our school. If you’d like to make more use of the program, visit our FFT pages or contact Cindy Younger, our FFT coordinator, at 480-967-5567, ext. 2 if you have additional questions.