How FFT Helps Our School: Sacraments

At OLMC, we endeavor to give our students the tools to live out their Catholic faith in meaningful ways and embrace the channels of grace the Lord has bestowed. Through Sacramental preparation, students learn the beauty of grace in their lives and the significance of coming into full communion with the church.

It’s for this reason that OLMC marks Sacraments as important milestones, not just for the individual child, but for our entire community. Through funds from our Food for Though Program, our Home & School Board sets the stage for great celebration, as the children make these steps in their Catholic faith. FFT helps OLMC host post-Sacrament receptions and offer small gifts to the children receiving their First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. Catholic education emphasizes the love of Christ as part and parcel to the education and enculturation of children, and we’re grateful to those who participate in our FFT program who enable us to celebrate these spiritual strides.

Even better, these benefits are made possible at no extra cost to our families. That’s the beauty of Food for Thought. Want to know more? Visit our What’s New page to learn was you can contribute.