School Advisory Board Vice President: Carey Anthony

Meet Carey. Currently Vice President of the School Advisory Board, Carey assists the board president when necessary, attends monthly meetings, and assumes the role of President for the 2017-18 school year. All of the SAB members are representatives of OLMC, and attend school functions, such as open houses and other events, to answer questions and promote our wonderful school community to the public.

As a wife and mother, Carey is excited that her SAB service doesn’t interfere with her busy schedule as a homeroom parent, executive chair of the OLMC Parish Festival Auction Committee, and as a full-time practicing attorney at a local law firm.

“I enjoy hearing the ideas brought before the SAB in their infancy and seeing their implementation, making our wonderful school community better and stronger. I believe that we are called to serve our community, and the SAB fulfills this servant leadership role.” -Carey Anthony

Looking for a way to serve OLMC with minimal impact on your existing volunteering roles? SAB may be the right opportunity for you. Serving on the School Advisory Board is perfect for parents with the desire to affect real change in the school community. Questions? Contact one of our SAB members.

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