School Advisory Board Member: Luz Reval

Meet Luz Reval. As a wife, mother of three, and teacher in the OLMC preschool, Luz enjoys working within our community. Her teaching role gives her the unique perspective of policy in action.

She sees first-hand how OLMC builds good character and provides a positive influence our our youngest falcons. As they grow, the children thrive from the loving foundation established here at OLMC, preparing them for high school and beyond.

“I enjoy being an SAB member and making a positive contribution and difference for our staff, parents, and most importantly the children.”-Luz Reval

As a member of the School Advisory Board, there is never any pressure to take on more responsibility than you can handle. The activities fit nicely into your schedule and often include events that OLMC families already attend. The board brings parent inquires to school and parish administration, provides feedback on new processes, acts as a positive advocate for our community, and addresses any issues that may arise in the school.

Interested in getting involved? Contact one of our SAB members.

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