Tips from the FFT Pros

With the FFT deadline looming and our April FFT contest in full swing, the time to get your last minute FFT purchases in is now! There are so many ways you can incorporate FFT into your everyday life and benefit OLMC in the process.

Here are some tips from our seasoned families:

“I subscribe to a few services through Amazon and iTunes. It was easy to just buy a prepaid card and load it onto the account. It debits the prepaid card before it charges my account. Once it runs out I get a charge to my account and know it’s time to buy a new prepaid FFT card.”-The Rosensteel Family

“Some of the bills that we pay with Visa gift cards are: Cox Internet, Verizon Wireless, our alarm company, City of Tempe utilities, our kids classes through Tempe Parks and Recreation, gas, and Costco purchases. I do most of my grocery shopping at Fry’s or Trader Joe’s so that’s how much I get in Visa gift cards. Also, the scrip app is very helpful when we are on the go. We’ve ordered many instant gift cards through the app such as CVS and Walgreen’s for monthly prescriptions, Lowe’s gift cards, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Children’s Place, Gymboree, whatever we need. The app lets us see which one has the highest rebate. It’s so easy to use!”-The Lopez Family

“What helped us the most is rather than spending a lot of time searching through the entire list trying to figure out everything we might do and getting a little of everything, we just regularly buy a few gift cards that we use all the time. It helps to develop the habit of actually using scrip, because we would often forget to use it. Consistency and making it a habit with one or two stores or restaurants has been much more effective than trying to buy everything.”-The Kochis Family

“Planning is most crucial if your budget is tighter.”-The Molina Family

“We love Culver’s, Panda Express, and Little Caesars, and we go there all the time. So, for us, that’s a for sure buy!”-The Flores Family

Questions? Contact our FFT representatives for their best FFT tips. A big thank you to all those who shared their helpful FFT hints this year. If you have a helpful tip or trick, send it along to Thanks for your support!