How FFT Helps our School: Scholarships and Tuition Rebates

Cost should never prevent a family from pursuing Catholic education. At OLMC, we strive to inform and educate our school parents of the best opportunities to make Catholic education affordable. One of the ways we do this is by providing tuition rebates for families who meet their $175 Food for Thought minimum.

OLMC’s Tuition Rebate Incentive Program (TRIP) has enabled so many families to ease their financial burden, in some cases funding annual fees and/or tuition payments. Along with our parish festival, the FFT program keeps our tuition costs about $400 dollars lower, making OLMC one of the least expensive schools in the diocese.

After a family reaches their minimum $175 profit level, half of the profit they earn goes toward a tuition rebate. Programs like Fry’s Community Rewards, in which friends and family can participate on the behalf of an OLMC student, go directly to their profit level and tuition rebate. Last year, families received over $24,900 in rebates, the largest total reaching almost $1,000! Even better, families earned these rebates with minimal effort and at no additional cost.

FFT also funds scholarships to families with the most need. The only limit to your rebate is how much you want to participate. Having friends and family participate on your behalf increases your rebate exponentially. The beauty of FFT is that it fits into any budget. There are no fees above and beyond what you regularly spend, however much or little that is. No cookie dough or magazines to sell. No money or time goes to waste. And the best part? The school (and your individual student) reap the benefits.

Want to know more? Contact our FFT coordinator, Cindy Younger, for more information.