OLMC People of Interest: Mr. Tom Diamond

At OLMC we’re blessed to have so many dedicated professionals driving forward our mission of quality Catholic education. One such individual, new to our team this year, is Mr. Tom Diamond.

What do you do for the OLMC community?

“I am the 7th and 8th grade social studies teacher, as well as the advisor to the student council.”

What is your favorite thing about the OLMC community?

“My favorite part about OLMC, as they have been everywhere I have taught, are the children. The continued opportunity to work with these wonderful kids is a blessing.”

Any words for the OLMC community?

“I just wish the peace of the Lord to be with everyone.”

On behalf of OLMC school, we’d like to thank Mr. Diamond for his contribution to the OLMC community. If you’d like to know more about Mr. Diamond, visit our Faculty & Staff page on our website.


End of the Year Staff Gifts

For those thinking about purchasing gifts for the teachers at the end of the school year, Home & School arranges for an end-of-the-year collection for faculty and staff to choose FFT gift cards of their choice.

This collection is strictly voluntary. If you do plan to contribute, we ask that all donations be turned in to the office by May 12th. Please see the attached flyer in order to complete the contribution form or to learn more details. Thank you for your participation.