FFT Minimum SurePay Date – May 10th

For those families who do not meet their required $175 FFT profit minimum by April 30th, the remaining balance will be SurePayed May 10th, 2017. If you would like to know your profit amount, contact Cindy Younger, our FFT coordinator. For SurePay questions, please email Rita Villegas in the parish office.

New Bonus Overstock

fft bonus

Check out our latest Bonus/Overstock inventory of FFT gift cards! New items include:

  • Hilton 7%
  • Sephora 10%
  • Ulta ($10 cards) 9%
  • Victoria Secret ($50 cards) 11%

Hurry in while supplies last! Want to know more about it? Visit our Bonus/Overstock page.

ShopwithScrip Makes the Grade

You appreciate the hard work your children’s teachers have put forth this school year to make learning exciting and fun. With Teacher Appreciation Week fast approaching, give them a gold star, and say thank you with a gift card for coffee, a nice meal out, or for a couple summer reading books!

AMC Theatres
Barnes & Noble
Panera Bread
Cheesecake Factory
Spa & Wellness Gift card by Spa Week
The Container Store
Spafinder Wellness 365
Dave & Buster’s
Golf Galaxy
T.J. Maxx
TGI Fridays

Registering for ShopwithScrip takes 5-7 business days for account set up. After you’ve signed up, you’ll have the capability to purchase electronic scrip in-store while you shop. No need to wait for the next FFT day. No need to carry gift cards. E-cards are fast, simple, and convenient and work from your smartphone. Contact Cindy Younger, our FFT coordinator, for questions or to sign up.