The Tuition Rebate Incentive Program (TRIP) offers school families 50% of their Food for Thought profit, once they’ve met their $175.00 profit minimum, a rebate toward tuition and fees. The amount of the rebate is dependent of the amount of FFT participation.

Many OLMC families significantly reduce their tuition expense by using gift cards for their everyday purchases, and encouraging family members and friends to also purchase cards.

The other 50% is used for field trips, cultural programs, technology improvements, and educational expenses. Each month, FFT releases a TRIP Report in the newsletter of all the families that have reached their $175.00 profit minimum and who are eligible to begin collecting their tuition rebate. Rebates are disbursed biannually.

How to Earn a Tuition Rebate

It’s amazingly simple to make your minimum and earn a tuition rebate at OLMC. It just takes a little effort and the money you already spend shopping for groceries and other goods.

1.    Buy FFT for EVERYTHING

  • Plan a little and buy scrip BEFORE you shop
  • Check our inventory at
  • Buy $5 Bashas’ FFT cards and reload at the store
  • Get FFT for the stores where you shop regularly
  • If you can’t find something, call us – we may be able to order in

2.    Meet Your Minimum

  • Participate in TRIP, our Tuition Rebate Incentive Program
  •  Earn $175 in profit for OLMC
  •  After that, half the profit goes toward your rebate

3.    Boost Your Profit

  • Check our bonus scrip – higher profit % = BIGGER REBATE
  • Shop FFT scrip for gifts and special occasions
  • Stock up before holidays and breaks so you’ll always have FFT
  • Enroll in Fry’s Community Rewards Program.
  • Sign up for ShopwithScrip.
  • Pay your minimum as a tax deductible donation and accumulate your tuition rebate right away!
  • Use the Ultratainment program (30% profit) or our $50 Visa gift cards good anywhere they accept Visa!