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How FFT Helps our School: Library

The OLMC’s Sr. Valeria Library and Media Center enriches the lives of our students by offering the information and resources they need to succeed. Named for former Principal Sister Valeria, our library offers state-of-the-art technology and over 12,000 books and literary sources. Read More>>

The FFT Deadline is Just a Month Away!

There’s still time to reach your FFT minimum and/or pad your tuition rebate! Statements were sent in January via e-mail to families who have not met their $175.00 FFT profit minimum for the 2016-17 school year.

If you’re planning on paying off your tuition, please stop by the FFT office and our FFT representatives can tell you if you have a rebate coming. If you have not yet reached your profit minimum, you have until April 30, 2017 to fulfill this obligation. Any amount remaining after April 30th will be SurePayed on May 10, 2017.

Please check your RenWeb FFT accounts and contact Cindy Younger with any questions you may have.

Looking for tips? Check out our Tips from the FFT Pros posts or learn about our April FFT contest!

April Food for Thought Contest

During the month of April, Home & School is conducting a Food for Thought contest to see which classroom can purchase the most FFT. The class with the highest total by the end of the month wins a prize! Questions? Contact our FFT coordinator, Cindy Younger.

Have any FFT Tips or Tricks?

Home & School is looking for your best Food for Thought tips and tricks to share with the community. Remember, the more we use the program, the more our students benefit from the resources it funds.

Don’t stop at your minimum! More participation means more opportunities and bigger rebates for your child. Send your tips to news@olmctempe.com. On behalf of the OLMC community, thanks for sharing your success!

FFT Reminders

Just a few reminders:

  • Don’t forget that the deadline for weekend Mass pick up is Friday at noon.
  • FFT January rebate applies toward outstanding tuition and FFT May rebate applies toward books and fees for the following school year.

If you have FFT questions, please contact Cindy Younger, our FFT coordinator. For tuition rebate questions, contact Rita Villegas in the parish office.

Bright Ideas from FFT: Family Fun for All Ages

April brings nice weather, family togetherness, and Prom! Spend your tax refund and let the good times roll with FFT and Ultratainment! Check out these ideas>>

April TRIP Report

Congratulations to the following families who have made their FFT minimum and will now begin accumulating their tuition rebate:

Lindsey Athey
Junior & Thuy Becerra
Kenneth & Maraeca Butler
Adam & Rebeca DiPuccio
Gilbert & Toni Escalante
Christopher & Nicole Houk
Ryan & Jennifer Kohl
Dana McGuinness & Henry Terrazas
Ryan & Annemarie Mulligan
Mathis Nguyen-Tran & Tracy Dinh
James & Delia Salas

Rebates will apply to your May tuition statement. Don’t pay off your tuition without checking your rebate. Remaining credits will apply for next school year or you can donate your credit to the school. Stop by the office or contact Cindy Younger for more information.

Using FFT is easy. View our Tips from the FFT Pros blog posts for ideas. Order online and have your child bring it home or enroll in ShopwithScrip to use FFT scrip right from your smart phone. E-mail Cindy Younger to sign up.

Questions? Call 480-967-5567, ext. 2 to speak with our FFT representatives.

Easter FFT Hours

FFT will be available for purchase

  • Wednesday, April 12th (before and after school)
  • Monday, April 24th (before school)

There will be no sales during Easter break or after Masses on Easter weekend. Please contact Cindy Younger, our FFT coordinator if you have any questions.

frysCommunity Rewards Statement Due – Apr. 20th

OLMC received our disbursement from the Fry’s Community Rewards Program, and thanks to OLMC families and friends, the school has received a total of $1,816.68 for the cycle which ran from December 1, 2016 through February 28, 2017.

In order to receive a tuition rebate on your Fry’s purchases, please bring a copy of your Fry’s account statement that reflects the amount of your donation, and indicate the family name to which the rebate should apply. You may drop a printed copy off at the office, send it in with your child, or e-mail it to cindy@olmctempe.com by April 20, 2017. You may also drop off your statement at the FFT table at weekend Masses. Read More>>

Tips from the FFT Pros

With the FFT deadline looming and our April FFT contest in full swing, the time to get your last minute FFT purchases in is now! There are so many ways you can incorporate FFT into your everyday life and benefit OLMC in the process.

Here are some tips from our seasoned families:

“I subscribe to a few services through Amazon and iTunes. It was easy to just buy a prepaid card and load it onto the account. It debits the prepaid card before it charges my account. Once it runs out I get a charge to my account and know it’s time to buy a new prepaid FFT card.”-The Rosensteel Family

“Some of the bills that we pay with Visa gift cards are: Cox Internet, Verizon Wireless, our alarm company, City of Tempe utilities, our kids classes through Tempe Parks and Recreation, gas, and Costco purchases. I do most of my grocery shopping at Fry’s or Trader Joe’s so that’s how much I get in Visa gift cards. Also, the scrip app is very helpful when we are on the go. We’ve ordered many instant gift cards through the app such as CVS and Walgreen’s for monthly prescriptions, Lowe’s gift cards, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Children’s Place, Gymboree, whatever we need. The app lets us see which one has the highest rebate. It’s so easy to use!”-The Lopez Family

“What helped us the most is rather than spending a lot of time searching through the entire list trying to figure out everything we might do and getting a little of everything, we just regularly buy a few gift cards that we use all the time. It helps to develop the habit of actually using scrip, because we would often forget to use it. Consistency and making it a habit with one or two stores or restaurants has been much more effective than trying to buy everything.”-The Kochis Family

“Planning is most crucial if your budget is tighter.”-The Molina Family

“We love Culver’s, Panda Express, and Little Caesars, and we go there all the time. So, for us, that’s a for sure buy!”-The Flores Family

Questions? Contact our FFT representatives for their best FFT tips. A big thank you to all those who shared their helpful FFT hints this year. If you have a helpful tip or trick, send it along to news@olmctempe.com. Thanks for your support!

Thank a Teacher with ShopwithScrip

At the end of the school year, don’t forget to show your appreciation for those teachers who go above and beyond for your little learners! Apples are old school–your teachers would love a gift card for a cup of coffee, a nice dinner, or some shopping, just a little “thank you” for all their hard work.

AMC Theatres
Barnes & Noble
Panera Bread
Cheesecake Factory
Spa & Wellness Gift card by Spa Week
The Container Store
Spafinder Wellness 365
Dave & Buster’s
Golf Galaxy
T.J. Maxx
TGI Fridays

Registering for ShopwithScrip takes 5-7 business days for account set up. After you’ve signed up, you’ll have the capability to purchase electronic scrip in-store while you shop. No need to wait for the next FFT day. No need to carry gift cards. E-cards are fast, simple, and convenient and work from your smartphone. Contact Cindy Younger, our FFT coordinator, for questions or to sign up.

See’s Easter Candy Now Available

Need some filler for your Easter baskets? FFT is selling See’s Easter chocolates until Easter. Stop by and pick some up!

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Tips From the FFT Pros

Have you already reached your FFT minimum? Don’t stop there! Each time you use Food for Thought gift cards, our students receive vital funds for goods and services that directly benefit the school (not to mention, you get to reap the benefit via tuition and fees rebates)!

Here are just a few tips from our seasoned FFT families:

“We eat out a few times a week. We make sure to grab Abuelos and Zipps cards. They have the highest percentages.” -The Kochis Family

“Our strategy includes using the cards with higher percentages (we like Barros and Somburros). We keep plenty of the stuff we use most often on hand.”
-The Molina Family

“I work at a doctor’s office. One of the doctors I work for enlists me to buy him scrip to kennel his dog. When I put the word out to the right people, we can benefit from their purchases, too. Also, I love giving scrip as gifts.” -The Flores Family

“When I started using Shopwithscrip, it accelerated my FFT usage, and I was able to meet my family’s minimum sooner. With MyScripWallet on my phone, I can easily order cards. It’s like having the FFT office right at my fingertips. It’s very handy, especially when I shop for holidays and special occasions. I also use it for last minute grocery or shopping runs and dining out. -The Parian Family

Do you have a FFT tip or trick? Share it with the community at news@olmctempe.com. The more we use the program the more resources we have for our school. If you’d like to make more use of the program, visit our FFT pages or contact Cindy Younger, our FFT coordinator, at 480-967-5567, ext. 2 if you have additional questions.

Want to know more about the learning experiences FFT sponsors? Check it out>>