New Bonus Overstock

fft bonus

Check out our latest Bonus/Overstock inventory of FFT gift cards! New items include:

  • Hilton 7%
  • Sephora 10%
  • Ulta ($10 cards) 9%
  • Victoria Secret ($50 cards) 11%

Hurry in while supplies last! Want to know more about it? Visit our Bonus/Overstock page.


Batteries & Bonuses

batteriesFFT is still selling Interstate Alkaline Batteries.

  • 24PK AA (Box): $10.00 @ 60% profit
  • 24PK AAA (Box): $10.00 @ 59% profit

Price and profit percentages offered until inventory runs out, so stock up!

While you’re there, take a look at our latest FFT bonus offers. This week we have $50.00 and $100.00 American Express cards for 1.5% (no need to activate). We also have Build-a-Bear (20%), Dominos (8%), Hallmark (6%), OLMC Hot/Cold cups for $20.00 (20% profit), See’s lollypops for $1.00 (60% profit), and Harkins 2017 Popcorn T-Shirts for $25.00 (20% profit) plus so many other great retailers. Check it out!

Tips from the FFT Pros

#Food for ThoughtWe love getting tips on the best practices for Food for Thought. FFT is an easy way to earn funds for our school on everything from your everyday expenses to occasional large purchases.

FFT fits into any budget and costs you nothing, in addition to your normal spending. Making your spending count toward vital school tools, programs, and services is simple. Just listen to the Ende family’s top five tips:

5. “We started by buying scrip for grocery retailers because we know that’s where we would be spending money regardless.”

4. “Since we still have little ones in the house, we use Amazon Subscribe & Save for regularly purchased items like diapers, wipes, and other supplies. It’s easy to add it to our Amazon account and those items were already in our budget.”

3. We try to purchase from retailers offering a better return, taking advantage of the bonuses and percent increases through ShopwithScrip.”

2. “Think ahead! For example, in September, I took advantage of the ShopwithScrip percent increase on Shutterfly knowing I’d be using that to create Christmas gifts in December.”

1. “Always read the FFT tips in the newsletters. One of my favorite tips I learned there was to buy the Visa card through FFT and use that to pay for school lunches.”

-The Ende Family

Using FFT can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Questions on how you can use FFT better? Stop by the FFT desk or give us a call at 480-967-5567 ext. 2.